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Simplify your supply chain complexity with the durable and irreproducible CDOT code. 

Maintaining traceability across the global aerospace industry supply chain presents challenges, often arising from gaps in part traceability. 

To tackle this issue, automating serial number processes and minimizing human errors can streamline the aircraft lifecycle, ensuring resilience against challenging conditions. CDOT provides protection for critical airplane components, offering resistance to heat, cold, aging, and surface defects in extreme conditions.



Surface Treatment Compatibility:


Whether parts are subjected to heat treatment, coating, painting or other surface treatments, CDOT codes are designed to maintain their integrity. Aerospace manufacturers and suppliers can collect reliable end-to-end traceability data without the risk of data loss, guaranteeing uncompromised traceability.

Enduring Extreme Conditions:


Aerospace components are often used in demanding environments. These environments expose parts to extreme temperatures, moisture, and mechanical stress, which can challenge the durability of digital IDs. Particularly, rubber-based and carbon-based parts experience a wide range of elasticity changes, while parts such as motor engine and gear components endure temperature extremes, from cold to high heat. CDOT codes withstand these temperature variations without compromising readability.

Resilience Against Chemical Transformations:


The dynamic nature of aerospace parts involves ongoing chemical transformations over time. CDOT codes exhibit robustness, remaining impervious to the chemical changes that may occur during rusting or similar physical deformations. Their resilience guarantees data continuity and integrity.

Ensure Product Security:


The globally unique and irreproducible CDOT code provides protection against unauthorized access, safeguarding sensitive information and critical systems. This code serves as an essential tool in verifying the authenticity and usage history of critical aircraft components, distinguishing between original and counterfeit, as well as used and unused parts, thereby mitigating potential threats.

Digitale Transformation

Dateneinblicke in Echtzeit

Nahtlose IoT-Integration

Nahtlose IoT-Integration

Nahtlose IoT-Integration

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