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CTRACE Real-Time Traceability Platform

CTRACE provides real-time visibility, tracking, and control from raw materials to the final product and beyond. It operates bi-directional communication and data transfer between individual parts and PLCs, SCADA systems, and MES. 

This seamless integration allows for comprehensive monitoring and management throughout the entire production process, ensuring efficiency and quality at every stage.

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CTRACE Mission

Unifying Manufacturing and Supply Chain Excellence: Our platform's mission is to seamlessly link all stakeholders, prioritizing flawless product shipments, fostering mutual transparency and collaboration, optimizing production planning and schedules, and facilitating post-shipment inventory tracking.

Together, we redefine efficiency and consistency.

Key Characteristics of the CTRACE Platform

Digital Transformation

Generating digital records using CDOT, our exclusive 2D code meticulously designed for precise traceability, and other codes to leverage communication with Internet of Things (IoT) devices for automatic data capture and transmission.

Real-Time Data Insights

Gathering and analyzing data in real-time on product status and exact product location. It provides an instant understanding of product origin, movement, and values, empowering well-informed decision-making.

Seamless IoT Integration

Overseeing product conditions such as temperature and humidity, tracking their process, and offering data for comprehensive analysis. It harmoniously links with IoT devices, sensors, and machinery overseeing part-based process and production values.

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