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Introducing CDOT


Where 2D codes Cannot Go, Tracking Trillions of Industrial Parts

100% Good Read Results

Applicable to 30+ Materials

For 20+ Heavy Processes & Conditions

AI-Compatible Code

What We Offer

Next-generation 2D code for marking and tracing raw materials, components, and products exposed to heavy industrial processes or challenging conditions in manufacturing and supply chain.


Why Choose CDOT

Unique Serialized 
Digital ID for Every Part

Let CDOT physical IDs pave the way for computable product data in your advanced manufacturing initiatives.

Compatible with All Printer/
Marker Models for Writing

Use your existing printer/laser marking devices to label/mark CDOT®️ codes onto your parts.

Supports all conventional file formats.

Durable for Challenging Processes and Unfavorable Conditions

Enjoy comprehensive part-based traceability without compromising on heavy process steps.

Compatible with All Camera/
2D Reader Models for Reading

Use your existing reader devices to read CDOT®️ codes directly from parts.

Works with Most Common Heavy Industrial Processes

Millions of CDOT

codes are already in daily use


CDOT Technology Users

Ford Otosan
Bonna - Premium Porcelain
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